Where is Coláiste Mhuigheo?
Situated 18 miles from Belmullet and 35 miles from Ballina.

What age student attends?
Generally it is secondary school students that attend but some primary school students attend July and August courses.

Where do students stay?
Students stay in local houses with a bean a’tigh. Usually there are between 8 & 12 students staying in each house. All houses are approved by Coláiste and Roinn na Gaeltachta

Can I bring my mobile phone?
Scoláirí may bring mobile phones. They are handed up to Bean a’ Tigh. Scoláirí have access to their mobile phones between 21.30 and 22.30 every night.

Can I stay with a friend?
Yes. Small groups may stay together. See application form.

When can parents visit?
Parents usually visit on Sundays. Arrangements can be made with Coláiste with regards to visits at other times.

If I have a special diet, can I be accommodated?
Yes. Make all details available to both Coláiste Mhuigheo and bean a’ tigh.

How much pocket money do I bring with me?
The amount of pocket money varies from student to student. Colaiste bank available for any extra money you may bring with you.

What happens if I speak Béarla?
All students are expected to speak Gaeilge at all times. It would be completely unfair for any one student or group of students to hinder the learning of others. Any student who persists in speaking Béarla will be dismissed.

Where does bus stop?
Bus from Dublin will stop at various intervals along the N4

What about the classes?
Students attend classes from Monday to Saturday. Classes are taught by experienced Junior, Leaving Cert & primary teachers. Emphasis is on the spoken Irish.

What about water sports?
Participation in water sports is optional but we encourage scoláirí to take part as these are all recreational based activities from which scoláirí get great enjoyment. You must be able to swim to take part in canoeing or windsurfing. .

How are the classes divided?

Students are briefly interviewed on arrival in Coláiste Mhuigheo to ascertain their level of Gaeilge.

Students are primarily divided into classes based on this short interview, age and current school


How are the water activity groups divided?

Water activity groups are, a mixture of boys and girls, friends and new acquaintances in each group.

Sometimes groups are divided into groups of similar water sports ability with a mixture of boys, girls,

friends etc. Friends can usually stay together.

Is there a tour during the course?

Yes, there is usually a half-day tour towards the latter end of course. Tours including activities cost 20 euro.